Sunday, December 21, 2008


Greetings Everyone,

During this past week, I participated in the NIH Summit: The Science of Eliminating Health Disparities with a poster presentation highlighting my new online graduate course at East Carolina University -- "Ethnic Health & Health Disparities." The title of my presentation was:

You can download my poster presentation from the link above!

This new online graduate course uses the latest technology to assist health professionals and public health administrators in solving health issues in eastern North Carolina and the United States. Students used the university's Blackboard software to not only hear and view my audio podcast and webcam lectures but they also responded to the discussion board and chatroom sessions online. In addition, culturally competent reports from the National Institutes of Health were also placed online for specific diseased-focused ethnic health and health disparity issues.

The success of this new online course has not only enabled health professionals and public health administrators to acquire new public health skill sets that will assist them in working with and developing culturally competent health programs but it also helped to create a new online 12-credit graduate certificate program in Ethnic Health and Health Disparities at East Carolina University.

Finally, this NIH conference was sponsored and organized by the National Center on Minority Health & Health Disparities (NCMHD). Interestingly, I worked at NCMHD as a Health Scientist Administrator from 2001-2004 and completely enjoyed the opportunity to work with this NIH federal health agency when it first started. In fact, I met several of my former colleagues at the Summit including the Director Dr. John Ruffin. It was a great reunion and they made me feel as though as I was still apart of NCMHD.