Saturday, March 19, 2011

Presented at North Carolina State University for the Minority Interest Pre-Health Club

On Monday, February 28th, I was invited by North Carolina State University's Minority Interest Pre-Health Club to give a talk on my research on health disparities. The title of my presentation was, "How to Solve and Eliminate Health Disparities."

The actual invitation came from their president -- Mr. Johnathan Hilbert -- with assistance from Toni Thorpe, the African American Cultural Center, my talk was apart of the distinguishable 2011 Lawrence M. Clark Lecture series at NC State. In fact, the entire Minority Interest Pre-Health club organized an outstanding event which included a special ceremony at the beginning of the event, the presentation and then the dinner. In addition, I met the first president of the club -- Mr. Anthony Kulukulualani -- who established the club.

Overall, the event was outstanding and well-organized. I was quite impressed and appreciated all the extra effort from the organizers, the audience members and the faculty who attended the event during this rainy night. I commend their efforts, insight and future endeavors because I can tell that these young professionals have an outstanding career before them.