Monday, February 24, 2014

Presenting at Centers For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) - Atlanta, GA

Last week, I was invited to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia to give a presentation for their African American Health Seminar series. The title of my seminar was, "The State of African American Health and the Potential Impact of the Affordable Care Act."

This seminar was arranged for all the CDC federal employees to attend locally as well as those who could view the satellite envision hook-up at the Morgantown, West Virginia - CDC campus. The participants at the CDC location were enthusiastic, motivated and engaged in practically all of the issues that I lectured upon during the presentation.

The major objectives of my African American Health seminar were:
  1. Describe African American health care issues, including its unique and important cultural health patterns;
  2. Apply principles derived from ethnic health and health disparity planning, implementation and evaluation; and
  3. Critique and evaluate the Affordable Care Act and its potential impact on African American health status.
Here's a photo taken right after my presentation:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Remembering My Years at the National Institutes of Health

One of the advantages as an applied Medical Anthropologist is that I have been fortunate to work outside of the traditional academic university environment. For 5 years from 1999 - 2004, I worked for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a Health Scientist Administrator. Specifically, I worked for two NIH Instititutes -- the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NCMHD).

At NCI, I was hired as a Program Director/Health Scientist Administrator to assist with a specific program in the Comprehensive Minority Biomedical Branch. Following the lead from our Chief, we funded primarily minority researchers across the United States in their cancer research studies. My two years with this particular branch was rewarding and challenging because I had to completely get-up-to-speed to the federal government's professional way of doing business. Once I understood this professional code-of-ethics and style, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

At NCMHD, I was hired as a Health Scientist Administrator/Policy Administrator to assist this new Center in developing the infrastructure of the organization, establishing the very first program initiatives, writing extensive government-wide policy documents, and representing the Center on numerous Department of Health & Human Services committees. My three years with the Center helped me to further professionalize myself in another government agency. It also helped me to recognize that as a trained Medical Anthropologist, I could work in a wide variety of professional fields as long as I was open to constantly retrain myself.

I therefore suggest to all Medical Anthropologists and all academic scholars - TAKE CHANCES TO RETRAIN YOURSELF AND DISCOVER NEW OPPORTUNITIES OF YOUR EXPERTISE!

Check out a few photos from my years at NIH!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Book Interview - The New Face of America

As soon as my book was published in May 2013, I conducted several interviews with various news agencies regarding the major themes of the book. In August, the first of those interviews were published. The first interview was conducted by East Carolina University News service.

To check out the entire interview, check it out at:

Here is a photo from the interview conducted in my office at East Carolina University.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"The New Face of America" - Finally Published & Available

Well, my new book, "The New Face of America: How the Emerging Multiracial, Multiethnic Majority is Changing America," was published on May 31st and it has been available for 13 days!! I am thoroughly excited and relieved that this book project is finally available for the entire public. In fact, you can purchase my new book at all the major online bookstores such as; Barnes &;; and Check out the book's promotional flyer at:

If that is not enough, you can go to my new YouTube video where I talk about the major chapters of the book and special insight as to why I wrote the book.  Check out the promotional video at:

After review, let me know what you think about the topics of the book and for all those who read my book, I would like to get your thoughts. Send me an email at: I am very passionate and committed to this topic and all the issues related to multiracials and multiethnics in our country and all over the world. The future is now and we can no longer side-step and purposely ignore this issue!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Update - New Book - "The New Face of America"

As promised, I want everyone to receive the latest information about my upcoming new book, "The New Face of America: How the Emerging Multiracial, Multiethnic Majority is Changing the United States." During the past month of February, the new book climbed the's pre-order charts in Hot New Releases in Demographic Minority Studies and actually climbed to number 6 on the chart!

Now that the book is 2 months away from release, it is starting to level off to another level in the pre-order sales. Nonetheless, the book is on all the major online bookstore outlets.

Check out the book cover and spread the word. Thanks to my publisher (ABC-CLIO) for assisting me with the early promotions of the book. Let's do this. If you have any major questions or requests, email me at:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Face of America on Amazon's Hot New Releases

Yesterday, I learned that my upcoming new book, "The New Face of America: How the Emerging Multiracial, Multiethnic Majority is Changing the United States," is on's Hot New Releases in Minority Demographic Studies. As of today, it is actually in the top 25 new books for 2013. Here is the link for the Hot New Releases:

Of course, it's very exciting to have another book being published very soon. In fact, most online book stores have listed the date of publication - May 31st, 2013. Yet this is the time to order my book - the pre-order time period before the book is actually published allows individuals to get a fresh take on the book before anyone else.

As I have stated earlier, I believe this book will have a major impact on all of us in the United States. It is very timely book simply because the future is now and we can no longer think that multiracials and multiethnics are an issue of the distant future. Their time is now and it is time for all of us to embrace and recognize our multiracial heritage.

Finally, my new book has already shown that it has a national political impact because of the re-election of President Obama. Many political pundits suggested that one of the major reasons why President Obama was re-elected was due to the significant multiethnic diversity of the U.S. voting base. This diversity in the voting base favored President Obama as many political pundits concluded. Of course, let's not AVOID THE OBVIOUS - President Obama is actually the country's first Multiracial President along with being labeled as the first African American President.

Again, one of my major themes from this book that I love is -- Let's not AVOID THE OBVIOUS! It is time for multiracials and multiethnics to be respected at all levels, communities, families and organizations in the United States and the world!

Feel free to send me an email at for the latest info related to my new book.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

New Book being Published in 2013: "The New Face of America"

It's finally going to happen. My next book entitled, "The New Face of America: How the Emerging Multiracial, Multiethnic Majority is Changing the United States," will be published in late April or May of this year! This will be my sixth book with my publisher and it truly has been an enjoyable, challenging and exhausting extra activity to write, research and publish these books during the past 13 years.

I love this new book because it allowed me to investigate, learn and share the stories of individuals who are identify themselves as multiracial in the United States. This unique and important book investigates what it means to be multiracial and/or multiethnic in America, examining the issues involved from personal, societal, and cultural perspective.

I particularly love this new book because it's an issue and segment of our population that has been totally neglected in the United States. To me, this is a shame and an embarrassment on our society due to the fact that our society today and in the past do not want to recognize how we really live, have relationships, and families with people of all types of racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Finally, I love this book because it is personal -- it really wasn't a research book. I discovered more about my multiracial background, heritage and family than ever before and truly appreciated the insightful, personal, and cultural information that my multiracial informants shared with me.

Once the book is published, I hope everyone takes the time to read it and seriously think about the thought-provoking issues that I discuss and feel that they need to be acted-upon in our society now. It is time for our major organizations, institutions, leadership, families and individuals to embrace our multiracial world and I truly hope that all of us can live more peacefully together!

If you want to pre-order the book, you can purchase it at any major online bookstore (,, or directly from my publisher ABC-CLIO at the following link: