Sunday, May 10, 2009

Medical Anthropology Lecture at Pitt County Memorial Hospital (PCMH)

On May 4th, I presented a lecture at Pathology Grand Rounds forum at Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville, North Carolina. I was invited by Dr. Peter Kragel -- Professor & Chair -- of the Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at PCMH to give my lecture to the Pathology Grand Rounds audienc. The audience consisted of primarily health care professionals who primarily worked at or were affiliated with PCMH.

The title of my lecture, "What is Medical Anthropology?" accomplished four major objectives. They were:

  1. To describe the field of medical anthropology;

  2. To examine the applied clinical strategies of medical anthropology;

  3. To analyze the relationship of culture with health care; and

  4. To discover how medical anthropology works within the field of medicine.

If you want to check out and download my lecture, here it is:

I had an enjoyable time presenting and answering a few questions about my primary field of study -- Medical Anthropology. Interestingly, I highlighted much of my early fieldwork and volunteering experience at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI.. I actually volunteered for 4 straight years at Henry Ford Hospital (1984-1988) and thoroughly enjoyed every day that I had the chance to talk to health professionals and particularly all the patients!