Saturday, June 06, 2009

On June 5, 2009, I participated in a panel discussion at Duke University in their Health Policy forum entitled, "State of Medicine: Universal Change." I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction and engagement about the current issues of Health Care Reform with my fellow distinguished panelists along with the superb audience.

Some of the topics that we addressed during our panel discussion were as follows:

  • What Should Patients Be Concerned About the Most with the New Health Care Reform?

  • How Do We Educate Patients?

  • What is Our Vision for Health Care Reform
Included in the photo with me were Dr. Christopher Edwards, Dr. Donna Gilleskie and Kunal Mitra (Moderator).

After our panel (Patient-Centered Panel) discussion and a brief break, the next panel (Physician-Centered Panel) addressed many of the similar issues. This session was very lively and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the physicians' and lawyer's expert comments about Health Care Reform.

I also was pleased to hear the opening remarks from the Chancellor for Health Affairs at Duke --Victor J. Dzau, MD. He was very impressive.

In general, the major theme that I received from this professional event organized by medical students at Duke was the following:

  • All of us need to get involved in the new Health Care Reform debate!!
Make your voice heard because this Health Care Reform should include all of us.