Saturday, December 26, 2009

Commentary Cited on "Health Day News" website and "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition."

Recently, I was interviewed by a reporter from Health Day News ( about the issues of body fat and obesity among African Americans. The interview was based upon a new research study investigating fat content in white and African American adults. Interestingly, this study found high levels of "bad fat" among whites as opposed to African Americans.

I found the study quite interesting and basically agreed with the researchers findings. It made sense. Although we (researchers and the general public) ASSUME that blacks would have higher levels of "bad fat" content than whites since African Americans have HIGHER levels of overweight and obesity in America. What this does say if these results are confirmed by other researchers is that we need to RECOGNIZE THAT SOCIOCULTURAL AND BEHAVIORAL FACTORS PLAY A MORE IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE OVERWEIGHT AND OBESITY RATES FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS.

In addition, I challenged the BMI (Body Mass Index) standard categories to evaluate populations as to whether they are overweight or not. I contend that the BMI is not a good measurement for all populations simply because there are SPECIFIC variations in body types for all ethnic and racial populations.

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