Sunday, March 14, 2010

New - Ethnic & Rural Health Disparities Modules

The month of March begins the official promotion of my brand new online modules entitled, "Ethnic & Rural Health Disparities: ERHD." The ERHD online course modules are designed to help you understand health issues and improve your skills in working with ethnic and rural health disparity populations in eastern North Carolina, the United States and globally. The overall outcome of this program is to assist professionals in developing culturally competent projects, proposals and policies that are designed specifically for ethnic, rural, multicultural, multiracial, international and global communities around the world. Each module runs for 10 hours each. Overall, this program runs for a total of 160 hours, with options for someone interested in taking individual modules of the program or the entire course.

Online ERHD modules are:
  1. Ethnic Health and Health Disparities: Understanding the Health Issues in America - 4 units
  2. Global Public Health: Understanding the World's Health Problem - 4 units
  3. African American Health: Understanding Their Health Issues - 4 units
  4. Medical Anthropology: Understanding Health Issues from a Comprehensive Perspective - 4 units

Here is the link directly to the modules:,+Wellness,+and+Healthcare

or you can go to the Continuing Professional Education website at:

Finally, if you want to see my YOU TUBE promotion, here it is: ERHD Modules

After review, let me know what you think about my new ERHD modules! They are for EVERYONE!!