Friday, July 08, 2011


I am delighted, overjoyed, and relieved that my new book entitled, "The New Face of America: How the Emerging Multiracial, Multiethnic Majority is Changing the United States," is completed. I finished writing the manuscript on June 25th and it was another great journey of learning, researching, interviewing and sharing information about individuals who identify themselves as multiracial. Those who identify themselves as "multiracial" have finally been officially recognized again by our 2010 U.S. Census and the census data findings definitely show that multiracial populations have dramatically increased during the past decade. The increased numbers are not only surprising to demographers, scholars and researchers but also the general public!

In my new book, I share with you the values, beliefs, traditions, patterns and cultural history of multiracials in America. Unfortunately, their issues and lifestyles have been overlooked in our country for years, yet now is the time to correct our misconceptions and stereotypes about multiracials and truly appreciate how they are changing America now and particularly in the near future.

My new book is scheduled to be released in March 2012! Over the next several months, I will give you updates of the book's publicity and prepromotional activities. It will be published by the international publisher -- ABC-CLIO (Praeger Publishers) and I have been fortunate to publish other books with them.

To check out my publisher's early promotional book flyer, here is the link:

After review, feel free to send me an email ( and let me know your thoughts and comments. Feel free also to pre-order my new book at ABC-CLIO publishers.

Enjoy Your Summer and Change is Coming!